Explore - indoors it's lovely, yet wonders await just outside and way beyond

Many people have lent their creativity, imagination, and tools, and many have spent a great deal of time, brawn, and talent on things that are ready to be discovered and explored on the land at the Bellfry. These include (in no particular order):

  • fire circle at the top of Bell's Ridge (the most sacred spot)
  • Christianna's cradle
  • giant, accurate compass rose marking N,S,E,W points with large boulders
  • deer stands
  • gardens: Peace, Sunset, Well, Vegetable, Meditation, and Cross
  • the oak bridge
  • children's theatre stage
  • Playful Path
  • seven octagonal benches, each circling a tree and chosen by one of Forest & Helen's grandchildren
  • several sorts of swings: tire, rounding, bench & classic
  • skeet shooting range
  • Perseverence Path
  • hammocks in unexpected places for reading or napping
  • Barefoot Path
  • benches in spots for watching, waiting, listening, visioning
  • Perimeter Trail
  • target practice plots
  • Storybook Stones
  • labyrinth using the scale and design of that at Chartres Cathedral
  • Cross Path
  • betrothal bench of Anne & David's firstborn, at a sunset summit overlook ("Whiskey Hill" to old-timers)
  • Stations of the Resurrection


Go ahead: tear yourself away, put on your shoes, step outside and explore!

Grateful thanks to all who have helped - you know who you are - especially to Bonnie & Rosa.