Here's a taste of what a March 2015 Bellfry visit was like.



   Nuts and bolts

Getting to know the ropes around this big house can be a bit daunting. Here are printable practical guides to help guests and hosts feel more comfortable and be more able stewards during their stay.





The Hermitage

A beautiful, simple one room cottage, "The Hermitage", located a quarter mile past the Bellfry amidst pasture and woods, is available for private retreat time. The hermitage has a queen futon bed, chair, refrigerator and stove, as well as two loft beds (while essential kitchen items are provided, retreatants should bring their own food). Persons wishing personal retreat time may contact Anne Grizzle,, to inquire about availability. A donation to serve the poor in Bolivia to Amistad Mission is requested for your visit.